It's a great view from where you are.

But you can do more...

You have worked really hard to get to this place in your business and career and have experienced the success of your accomplishments.


However, you know you are capable of more...perhaps much more... but for some reason, you haven't been able to achieve it yet. You feel stuck, perhaps even overwhelmed.


You start to think about getting a business coach and have heard lots of questions and opinions on the topic of coaches.


Are they helpful or not? How can they help if they don't know my business? Are they worth the money? Do I really need a coach or should I try to figure things out for myself?
Let me make this simple and easy for you.


All of your questions revolve around one critical point: Understanding the purpose of a coach. Once you understand this, all your other questions are easily resolved.


What is your goal in hiring a coach?


Is your goal to learn business ideas and strategies? To have someone who will support and encourage you to take action? Someone who can help you navigate through areas where you are stuck? Are you looking to be challenged? Do you need an experienced mentor in your field to guide you and provide much-needed information? Perhaps someone to help you change your limiting mindset?


If you aren't clear on your goal in hiring a coach, you are wasting your money if it doesn't match your goals. you need a coach?


Take a minute and imagine what your work and business will look like if everything continues in the same way. What kind of toll and impact will that have on you, your family, and your employees?
You decide.

Hi, I'm David Hochberg, Strategic Business and Performance Coach.


Nice to meet you.


I have been helping people achieve business and career success for 25 years.



If you could use my 25 years of knowledge, skills, and experience to leverage all of your knowledge, skills, and experience, how unstoppable would you be?

Here is what I do...


You are the expert in your field or business. I'm not. You have the vision of what you want your business and career to look like.


I use my expertise to leverage your expertise to help you achieve that vision.


Obviously, we will discuss strategies, implementation, systems, and techniques to dramatically improve your particular business. I know a thing or two about a thing or two and can help you practically create powerful changes.


But my real strength is helping you get past that critical question you keep asking yourself: "Why can't I change XYZ in my career or business? My business would explode if I could change it!"


It's a great question and it's exactly the question I help people answer.


Let me help you:


  • Deeply clarify the problem which keeps you stuck so you can finally deal with it 
  • Create a powerful and sustainable vision of your career and business future
  • Become more aware of how your beliefs and mindset shape all your decisions, good and bad, and learn to change them
  • Develop productive and effective strategies and systems to improve your life, work, and business
  • Learn to perform at your absolute best in the areas of life that are most important to you
  • Make changes that are long-lasting and sustainable 

Life moves fast...Let's do this


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